Convert to MP3


Convert to MP3 is a lite weight Opera and Firefox extension that let you download the video as mp3 format via the in-page button

  • Convert the audio file to mp3 directly in your browser.

  • Choose desired mp3 quality (i.e. 128kbps).

  • Ability to convert multiple video streams.

  • Available for Chrome and Opera browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Convert to MP3?

    Convert to MP3 is a simple and powerful addon that let you convert and download the streaming video directly to mp3 file. Simply click on the in-page button to download the mp3 file. You can also change the default mp3 quality from the addon options page. There are five qualities to choose from and the default quality is 128kbps. Please note that, you can convert multiple videos to mp3 as well. Closing the active tab or pressing on the delete button will stop the active conversion process.

  • Where is the in-page button?

    The button for this addon is placed below the video with grey and red colors. If the button is not visible, please wait for the addon to detect the audio stream and places the button.

  • How can I change the mp3 quality?

    In order to change the mp3 quality, please head to the options page and then choose a desired quality. Please note that all changes are auto saved to the memory. As mentioned above, there are five options to choose from. The default mp3 quality is 128kbps. If you increase the mp3 quality the conversion time may increase as well. Moreover, depending on your PC specs, this time may vary. According to our tests, the mp3 conversion process is fast and reliable on modern browsers.

  • How does this addon convert the media to mp3?

    This addon uses two different JavaScript libraries (lamejs & audio-context) to convert the media to mp3. Please note that, unlike other mp3 conversion tools, in this addon everything happens inside the browser and no data or link is sent to external servers. Moreover, the speed for conversion process is comparable to native applications. Therefore, it is a very reliable and handy tool for converting online media to mp3.

  • How can I disable this addon?

    In order to disable this addon, please head to the extensions tab in your browser and then click on the disable button next to the addons name.

  • How can I stop the active conversion process?

    Once you see the dark conversion banner at the bottom of the page, please press on the remove button (red cross sign) at the right corner. The active process will be terminated once you click on this button.

  • How can I uninstall the Convert to MP3 extension from my Firefox?

    To uninstall the extension, please go to Firefox -> add-ons -> Convert to MP3, then press Uninstall button.

  • How can I uninstall Convert to MP3 extension from my Opera?

    To uninstall the extension, please go to Opera -> extensions, then find Convert to MP3 and press "Remove form Opera".